Communication in SCHOOL*

Going back to school can be stressful for students just as much as it can be for their parents. But, today I want to write about Communicating!

I remember going to school on the first day and looking at everyone who had on new clothes. That was my favorite part…NEW school clothes. I use to hate when I would run out , but couldn’t wait to start wearing my new collection of clothes again for the next week. These days  many schools are fiercely enforcing a dress code. And I do believe that’s a good idea. This for one shuts down all the braggers, because now they will have no choice but to wear the same thing. LOL
So, with all that said… Raisingurls I want you to be Leaders this school year. Walk into the classroom and introduce yourself to your teacher. This way you can get to know a little about her/him on a personal level and it shows Character. Ask her/him what do they expect of you, and from there do your best to Exceed  her expectations. Communication opens the door to Understanding. People often are frustrated when they don’t understand something or someone. Also remember that you may the popular one, but scan your eyes across the room and look for the less popular( you will know in your heart) student in your class and introduce yourself. Ask her/him questions that interest you in getting to know this person.
 Being friendly is very important, this is one quality that you should always be willing to embrace. See, you’re in school for now, but out in the working world, you really have to be in position to communicate with others. You cant be a person who gossips and starts trouble. So this is the time to stand up and be a Leader. Set examples, don’t just talk it, but walk it. If you have extra money and you see someone hungry in the lunch room, offer to buy them lunch without expecting anything in return.  If you see someone needing pencil or paper or anything that can help them, give it to them. Also, get your friends involved.. ask them to be apart of the “Giving Crew” ( or a nice name you can make up) Where you would look for people in your class who may need something, and someone from the “Crew” would give it to them. Remember this is not JUST for people in your circle, but for those are NOT. Let you light shine on others.
Lets take a look at what the Bible says about this. 
Timothy 4:12
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
Yes, you are young, but that does not mean you cant set examples. Be sensitive to how others see you. Be faithful in your doing, keep your word, do things out of the kindness of your heart, and do not curse people or use profanity.
Be Blessed!
Raisingurls To Women
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Train a child…..

I observe children a lot. It’s my Ministry. When Neisha was growing up I got all kinds of flack about how tough I was on her, and how strict I was on her for even the tiniest things……. like leaving her things when she went to spend the night out, or keeping up with her barettes  when SHE sees them on the floor. I admit I was tough on her. But now that she’s 23 she tells me all the time how that has taught her to keep up with her things. She travels way more than I do, and whenever its time to pack, she can remember everything she took with her on the trip.

We train kids to be the adults they are today. I’m convinced that even if a mother or father isn’t in the home of that child, God will send a parent, teacher, pastor, friend, relative in that persons life to plant seeds. When a child acts up in the grocery store in front of lots of people, the parent makes  a decision right there to discipline that child, or “wait till they get home”. Children needs to know that where you show out, is where you learn you can never show out again.

A child is supposed to act up in the grocery store at least one time. Let me explain why. They come into this world knowing nothing, they are assigned a guardian to teach and guide them, and when they do something wrong the very first time, its our/the parent time to teach them that showing out in public is a no-no. Thats how they learn.We are to train them right from wrong. When you take your child to the movies for the very first time. I believe that a parent should give them a pep talk. They should say: Listen, ( name of child, and using direct eye contact) we’re going to the movies. This is a place where lots of people come in, sit down, eat candy, popcorn, food, and drink pop. You  are not allowed  to talk at all ( of course they will talk, but we should train them to whisper and not talk loud.  Teach them that if they get sleepy in the movie, they can be quiet and take a nap in the chair. But to disturb others in the movie will NEVER BE TOLERATED. See, when we teach our children what WE expect from them, they understand. So that when we don’t they will do and say what they want. And when we take them out into the world, and there are no rules , threats ( with the eyes) or consequences, your/our children will surely show out.

What will happen when you take your child to the movies with NO PEP talk? When a child walks into a movie  theatre that is about to start. First thing they notice is people sitting down, talking low, eating and drinking. When the lights go out, its quiet. A child with no PEP TALK,  will talk just because they know 1. they won’t get in trouble for it. 2. they have the attention of everyone there, because of how quiet it is. A child like this, will have the parent running up and down the aisle chasing their child,screaming at them, telling them to be quiet and threatening them, and having to apologize to everyone in their area. Thats not fair to the parent, the child, or to others who are enjoying the movie.


Why do parents allow their children to do what they want to do, in a way that it inconvenience others? Some are  too embarrassed to “check” their children in public, fearing it will draw attention to the situation. Some don’t like to say NO to their children, because they are PARENTS who didn’t want their parents to say NO to them when they were children. Some parents don’t  want ANYONE to tell them NO,  at all.

The bible tells us clear….. (Heb 12:6) “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” (Pr 22:15) “The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.” (Pr 29:15) And “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” (Pr 13:24) Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6


Be Blessed


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How it all started!

Welcome to Raisingurls To Women!

Raisingurls are a group of teen gurls that I started back in 2006 where we would all meet at my home every 2 weeks along with my Assistant Ms. Kiki. We would talk about the issues that plague today’s youth, we also  learned that more than a few of these gurls were going through some serious issues with self-esteem. That was the year I can say that the gurls really got to bond. In Nov of 06 we got together and had a hotel party. It was there that they experience  racism first hand. It was a learning experience for me as their Leader, and for them as well.

We also had the chance to see several movies together as a group, and dinner . We feed the Homeless for Thanksgiving, and listened to a speaker who wanted to share their story of having a baby young. The first year we started off with 7-10 gurls, from there as word of mouth spread through friends and the neighborhood, we grew to have over 31 gurls in one meeting. In April of 2009  we changed our name from Destiny to Raisingurls to Women. Due to unforseen circumstances, we were unable to meet this year at my home. However, we have a site on Facebook where we keep in touch on-line, and now here on WordPress.

We will start our meeting  up in my home starting in April 2011.

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